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High Temperature Wire Sheath

High Temperature Wire Sheath

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Sold by the foot. Typically 4-5 ft. of sheath is needed for a Mitsubishi Evolution COP ignition system. 7mm is the standard size used for the JDC ignition systems and DIY kits.

Silicone coated fiberglass sleeving is braided by non-alkali fiberglass, then coated with silicone through high temperature. It is widely used for insulation protection, electrical machinery, home appliance, electronic equipment, automotive wiring etc.


  1. Operating Temperature: -113 ~ 392 Degrees Fahrenheit

  2. Dielectric breakdown voltage: 2500V

  3. Flammability: Self-Extinguishing

  4. Standard Color: Black

  5. Internal Diameter: 6mm/7mm/10mm

  6. Coating Thickness: 0.40mm

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