JDC Stainless Steel Under-Body Replacement Hardware Kit (GT-R)


$ 90

JDC Stainless Steel Under-Body Replacement Hardware Kit

Select from a full replacement kit including 124 Stainless Steel Pieces (and a packet of anti-seize), meant to replace all the main factory under-body fasteners, or you can select the rear section only, which replaces hardware in the carbon fiber rear diffuser only (52 Pieces). 

The factory under-body panel and rocker panel molding fasteners are very susceptible to rust and oxidation, despite not driving on salted roads. With this kit, you can set your mind at ease that when your GT-R needs service, you won't have to worry about damaging these expensive panels due to "frozen" fasteners.

This Kit reduces time and effort spent on trying to remove oxidized fasteners while doing many under-body repairs, including but not limited to:
  • Alignments
  • Oil Changes
  • Exhaust system Repairs
  • And Many More...
This kit also eliminates the possibility of future rust stains on these expensive carbon fiber, or carbon-composite under-body panels!
Kit Options:
  • Full Kit
    • (30) M6x1.0x16mm Flange Bolts
    • (30) M8x1.25x20mm Flange Bolts
    • (32) M6 Washers 
    • (30) M8 Washers
    • (2) M6x1.0x14mm Allen Head Bolts
    • (1) Tube of anti-seize

  • Rear Section Only
    • (8) M6x1.0x16mm Flange Bolts
    • (16) M8x1.25x20mm Flange Bolts
    • (10) M6 Washers 
    • (16) M8 Washers
    • (2) M6x1.0x14mm Allen Head Bolts
    • (1) Packet of anti-seize 
  • Installation Instructions can be found here.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole G.
Good Quality

Update: Reached out to the company and turns out the incorrect washers were sent with the kit. They are sending the correct washers so the kit can be complete. Great customer service! The correct M6 washers will provide the needed support.
First photo shows wide washers are provided with the bolt kit. The following photos show no washers installed with the bolts. Sure enough, upon receiving the kit, M6 washers were only provided and were as narrow as the flange of the bolt. So narrow, to the point where the washers would unevenly clamp the underbody panels. This does not provide the same coverage as the OEM washers. There were also no washers provided for the M8. The M6 bolts were also unnecessarily long, and should have been closer to OEM sizing. This kit could have been worse, but it really needs to be revised to include washers with similar width as the OEM to provide the needed support when torquing the bolts. Originally bought a second set for another GTR but will be returning. Will probably buy a different brand in the future to replace the ones I currently installed.

Adam Brown
High quality parts

Thank you so much for the high quality parts and realistic turnaround time

My Business

Great product..pricey but worth it

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