Accessory/Alternator Belt - Gates (Without A/C) (Evo 7/8/9)

SKU: GAT-K060569

$ 35


Fits these Applications:
2001-2006 Mitsubishi Evolution VII VIII IX
(Without Air Conditioning or removal of)

If you've got an empty hole in your firewall, check out the STM Carbon Fiber Firewall Block Off Plates.

If you are taking off the weight of your air conditioning, you're going to need the ac removal belt! While you're at it, you can pick up the OEM Firewal Sticker for a clean un-install.

Gates Micro-V Belts outperform other V-ribbed belts because they are truncated. This shorter profile gives the new Micro-V Belts increased flexibility, reduced heat buildup and allows them to operate at extra high speeds on smaller diameter sheaves.

Specially designed to replace original equipment belts on extra heavy applications such as machine tools, compressors, pumping equipment and other industrial equipment requiring V-ribbed belts.

Can also be used as AC delete belt.

Advantages of Truncated:

  • The belt does not bottom in the sheave.
  • The belt can better tolerate debris in the sheave groove.
  • They are extremely smooth running and highly resistant to oil, heat and other adverse conditions.
  • Exclusive Gates truncated belt design offers up to 80% higher horsepower capacity than Rubber Manufacturer's Association standards.
  • Increased flexibility and reduced heat buildup permit extra high speeds on smaller diameter sheaves.
  • Highly resistant to oil, heat and other adverse conditions.
  • Less sensitive to debris in sheave groove.
  • Meets or exceeds Rubber Manufacturer's Association standards for static conductivity.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Runs cooler than conventional belts.
  • High power density.

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