Air Lift Performance Autopilot V2 Digital Air Management 3/8" Air Line w/ Tank (Universal)

SKU: AIR2 27669

$ 1,450


Air Lift Autopilot V2 Digital Air Management Universal

Air Lift Performance AutoPilot V2 digital air management systems offer the most advanced pressure-based air suspension control available. They feature the sleek V2 controller, with a display readout that shows individual corner air pressure and tank pressure. Pressures can be displayed in psi or BAR. The V2 controller has a multicolor display with 512 color combinations for ultimate personalization.

These controllers connect to your wire harness with just one wire and fit in the palm of your hand. A rugged, rubberized coating protects the V2 digital controller from drops and scratches. Eight different presets allow you to tailor your ride height needs. As you roll low, the V2 controller constantly monitors your pressures and adjusts accordingly to your presets. You can also control your system manually. Built-in diagnostics alert you to leaks, low pressures, communication failures, and valve dysfunctions.

Air Lift Performance AutoPilot V2 digital air management systems are easy to install and use with confidence--each V2 is 100 percent function and leak-tested at the factory after assembly! These systems include a controller, air lines, and an advanced Air Lift manifold. Plus, they are available with or without tanks and compressors.


  • Sleek V2 Controller protected in rubber coating to avoid drops and scratches
  • 512 Color Cobinations
  • Fits in your hand and you only have 1 wire to plug in

Please Note:

  • Includes 3/8" Air Lines


  • Universal
  • Installation could not be easier! Mount your components, hook up 3 wires, plug in the OEM quality harness and you are ready to go. The detailed instruction manual will take you through the calibration and ride height preset process. Each V2 is 100% function and leak tested at the factory after assembly, so you can cruise the streets in confidence!

What's in the box?

  • AutoPilot V2 Digital Controller
  • 3/8" Air Line
  • Advanced Air Lift Manifold
  • Viair 444 Compressor
  • 4 Gallon Light Weight Aluminum Tank

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