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Evo 8/9 Coil on Plug Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware Set

  • $ 1099

Stainless steel mounting hardware for the Evo 8/9 COP setup. Choose from bare stainless steel, or a powder coated color. Kit includes:
-4 button hex head bolts
-4 washers (to level coils on plate)
-4 nylon locking nuts
-2 hex head mounting bolts
-2 washers.
This kit is all that is needed to fully mount all four coils to the mounting plate and secure the plate to the valve cover. 
Available Colors:
Bare Stainless
Satin Black
Gloss Black
Wrinkle Black
Royal Blue
Race Red
Burgundy Red
Starlight Purple
Lime Green
Hot Pink
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