JM Fab Deluxe Oil Catch Can (Universal)


$ 133.24

JM Fab Deluxe Oil Catch Can (Universal)

If you find that your intercooler and intercooler pipes contain a lot of oil, it's because the vent hose that runs from the valve cover to the turbo inlet hose puts a lot of oily blow by into the intake, intercooler, and piping. When oil builds up inside the intercooler, it drastically reduces the intercooler efficiency. Sure you can spend $10 and install just a small breather filter, but that will not resolve the problem, once the filter soaks with oil, it will start blowing all over your engine bay....what a mess that is. This catch can will hold the excess oil that comes from the valve cover and allows the oil to be drained when needed. The unit features a K&N breather filter, 2 heavy-duty brass inlet fittings, a universal 2 bolt mount, and a brass drain valve. It measures 9.5" overall, and the body is 6" tall by 3" round with a brushed finish. It can be installed by running a hose from the valve cover directly to the catch can, or by utilizing the 2nd inlet, and eliminating the PCV valve. AN fittings also available as an option.

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