JM FAB Drag Version Intake Manifold (Evo 4-9)


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JM FAB Drag Version Intake Manifold

The JMF "DRAG" version intake manifold is for the hard core racers putting down serious power.  If you need one of the highest flowing 4G63 intake manifolds available look no further.  Over a year in the making, our DRAG manifold went through a complete overhaul.  No corners were cut when it came to the design and functionality of this manifold.  Every component on this manifold is CNC machined from billet aluminum, not a single weld is present.  Extensive flow testing was conducted on several prototypes until we found the perfect design with the best balance possible.


  • Made from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum
  • CAD designed
  • Fully CNC machined components, no welds
  • Modular bolt-together design for cost-effective upgrades from Race/Street versions
  • 15° throttle body inlet eliminates turbulence and adds more intercooler pipe clearance
  • CNC machined velocity stacks
  • Tapered runners
  • 5.68L Plenum Volume
  • O-ring'd head flange & TB flange eliminates the need for a gasket
  • 5 port vacuum plate with 1/4" NPT threads
  • Several different finishes and throttle body flange options available
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 

What's Included:

  • DRAG version intake manifold
  • (2) 3/8" brass hose barb
  • (1) 1/4" brass hose barb
  • (1) 1/8" brass hose barb
  • (1) 1/4" NPT brass plug
  • Custom stainless steel dipstick tube 
  • Fuel rail mounts, spacers, and hardware
  • Throttle cable bracket and hardware
  • Stainless steel throttle body bolts 


  • EVO 4-9


 A big thanks to FFWD for all their help with flow testing, check out a more in depth review of the flow results here.

Additional testing was done by F&S Motorsports, here is what they had to say:

"I came to JMF after seeing the intake manifold and results Jake Montgomery had to inquire about the Evo billet intake manifold and discuss the possibility of doing a single rail 8 injector setup similar to what I had existing on the car, but better. After some back and forth, a phone call or two, a bunch of text messages, and some pictures Jim came back to me with a rendering of the intake manifold. Needless to say I was impressed and excited. Jim sent me updates and ironically about 3 weeks after starting the project, when on the dyno testing high boost levels we split the weld on the old intake manifold. Jim expedited the rest of the intake without asking and we had a box arrive about 6 days later. To say the intake manifold is beautiful is an understatement but looks only get us so far. Due to the placement of the Upper Intercooler Pipe and how much modification it required vs the previous upper pipe we weren’t able to get dyno numbers back to back. So we went to the track instead after the install. The data logs show the AFR in forth gear comparing the last pass the car made on the DI intake manifold to the first pass on the JMF intake manifold. Same fuel table, same waste gate duty cycle, no changes to the maps whatsoever as the intake was installed, car was loaded, and the car went right to the track the following morning. The results came immediately and were pretty awesome. AFR target is right around 11.4-11.5 as seen in the DI datalog (Below) and that AFR has been held pretty consistently all season. What we noticed on the very first pass with the JMF intake manifold is an increase in AFR of about 4% that was consistent in every gear from 6500-10500. Due to the weather changing later in the day we weren’t able to get many passes in but once I added the 4% back I was right in the ballpark. JMF delivered a great product that not only fit perfect the very first time, they delivered a product that made power on the very first iteration vs an intake manifold that has proven on multiple cars to be a great product."

Additional Information:

Our manifolds are designed for EVO's with eliminated EGR. Some modifications to your upper intercooler pipes may be needed as this manifold sits down a lot lower than stock. If using the Accufab and other aftermarket throttle bodies please note that the throttle cable and TPS sensors may need modifying.  It may be necessary to rotate your throttle body 180° for proper cable clearance.  If you need additional vacuum ports our Vacuum Distribution Block is a great option for up to 6 more ports.

 MAP sensor mount not included, should you need to run the MAP sensor we recommend purchasing our 2G/EVO MAP Sensor Adapter kit.

Also available is a RWD version of this manifold for no extra cost, perfect for the custom 4G63 swap into a rear wheel drive vehicle.  If purchasing this version online be sure to specify during checkout in the "Notes" section.

  Anodizing is available in several different colors, please contact us for more info.

***INSTALL TIPS:  For those still running ABS the DRAG plenum is large and clearance is tight around the ABS module however the manifold will fit!  During the install to minimize contact with the ABS module we recommend either removing the M10 studs in the head and replacing them with bolts or loosening the bracket that holds the ABS module in place allows you to push the module aside just enough to squeeze the intake in place.  Once installed there is adequate clearance.***

Usually ships in: 3-4 Weeks

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