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We've all heard the saying "Bigger is Better". That statement couldn't be more true when it comes to turbocharged cars and intake manifolds. Introducing our aluminum DRAG VERSION sheetmetal intake manifold for the 7/8/9 EVO. This intake manifold is for the hard core racers only! If your running a 35R or larger turbo, continue reading if your not then now is a good time to hit the browsers BACK button!

Newly redesigned with thicker runner material. Each manifold is hand made and TIG welded from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum. The flanges are all CNC machined and surfaced for precise fitment and a leak free seal. The plenum volume is just shy of 5 liters. Velocity stacks are CNC machined into each plenum bottom to improve airflow by 10-15%. The vacuum ports are placed on the underside of the plenum for a clean professional look, 5 brass hose barb fittings are inluded. Expected gains can be anywhere from 10-60 HP depending upon your setup!

Each manifold comes with a custom made SS dipstick tube. The fuel rail mounts to the threaded holes on the head flange giving you a solid mounting point, hardware and spacers are included. Some modifications to your upper intercooler pipes may be needed as this manifold sits down a lot lower then stock. If using the Accufab and other aftermarket throttle bodies please note that the throttle cable and TPS sensors may need modifying. This manifold will also eliminate your EGR system so if you are not running a stand alone engine management most likely you will receive a CEL due to the eliminated EGR. An ECU flash is available to resolve this error code.

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