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This integrated O2 housing downpipe, or O2 eliminator as they are often referred to, has proven to add 16whp on a stock Evo 8/9 turbo, stock air intake Lancer Evolution at factory boost levels! It is also important to note that these gains were realized on a car that had already upgraded the catback exhaust system and replaced the catalytic converter, arguably the biggest restriction from the factory, with a test pipe! Even larger gains are inevitable on applications with further modifications or increased boost levels!

Features / Benefits

  • Full 3" design reduces exhaust restrictions and is the only true 3" option available!
  • Made from 304 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and enhanced appearance.
  • Mandrel bent tubing throughout optimizes exhaust flow.
  • Stainless steel flex section reduces stress from engine movement increasing longevity.
  • Optimal wastegate dump location helps eliminate boost creep.
  • Fits all Evolution 8 & 9 including those equipped with an Active Center Differential (ACD).
  • Made with 2 standard bungs, will include a plug for the second bung
  • Includes all necessary gaskets and hardware including spacers to clear the factory crossmember.
  • 100% Made in the USA.


  • External wastegate dump: This is the absolute best option in regards to performance as the wastegate gases never reenter the exhaust system. Please note that under full boost the exhaust will be considerably louder. This option is intended for off road use only as venting exhaust gases prior to a catalytic converter is illegal in most states.
  • Recirculated wastegate dump: Standard O2 housing configurations recirculate the wastegate gases just inches away from the turbine outlet resulting in turbulence and decreased performance. Our unit recirculates the wastegate gases as far away from the turbine outlet as possible to provide you with the best possible performance without the additional noise from the external dump.

CNC 3D Countoured Flange

We offer this product with CNC 3D contoured flange, the standard flange has been performing flawlessly for the majority of our customers since this product's inception in 2009, but there have been a handful of customers that experienced boost creep when trying to run lower boost levels (less than 25psi) with upgraded turbochargers.

Warranty Information

At Modern Automotive Performance we strive to offer only the highest quality products and stand behind our work. All MAP brand products will include a one year warranty from the date of purchase. In the event of a failure from a manufacturing defect we will either repair or replace the product at no cost.


This product is intended for off road use only. As sound level and emissions laws vary based on location please consult your local authorities for additional information.

Why Choose MAP Products?

If you are looking for some of the best fabrication solutions, or products for your vehicle, Modern Automotive Performance has what you're looking for.??Our in house fabricators have over 15 years of experience in the import and fabrication industry, and have made everything from simple brackets, to mass produced products, to all out one-off turbo systems, and utilize only the highest quality of materials, tooling, consumables, and processes to bring our customers the best fabricated products and services available at industry fair prices. Whether you're looking to have a blow off valve flange welded and installed, purchase one of the products in our ever expanding MAP product line, build a fully prepped race car, or anything in between, we have what you're looking for. Whether you have a lightly modded daily driver, a weekend warrior, or a tube chassis race car, the fabricators and staff at MAPerformance will turn your dreams and ideas, into the products and power that no one else can deliver.

Please be aware is it very important to select the correct block option below so we can properly build your downpipe to fit.

Please note that this product is built to order. Based on fluctuations in demand build times may vary throughout the year. Please contact a sales representative for current estimations.

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