Mitsubishi Drip Moulding/Clips (Evo 7/8/9)

SKU: MR520287

$ 120

Mitsubishi Drip Moulding/Clips 

OEM Mitsubishi factory replacement drip moulding (roof/window)  and clips for the Evo 8/9.

*Sold individually as needed*

If you purchase the entire moulding piece, it includes the moulding clips, but not the body clips.

Diagram clip #71963F is different between the Evo years. Noted below in the table.

Fits these Vehicles:
03-06 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9
(Not confirmed with JDM models)


The large drip moldings have to ship via freight due to their size. The base price for each molding is $120 with $400 freight shipping, which will be added at checkout. These can ship to the continental USA only. If you are outside the US and would like these, please email us for a proper quote. 

Evo 7/8/9 CT9A Drip Moulding & Clips

PNC Mitsubishi Color LH/RH Qty Used Description
71145L MR520287 Black LH 1 Large Drip Moulding (LH)
71145R MR520288 Black RH 1 Large Drip Moulding (RH)
71963B 7403A020
(old# MR432245)
White - 16 Drip Moulding Clip
71963C MR520849 Yellow - 4 Drip Moulding Clip
71963D MR520850 Blue - 2 Drip Moulding Clip
71963E MR520851 White - 6 Drip Moulding Clip
71963F* 7403A019
(old# MU000219)
Black - 2 Drip Moulding Clip
*(2004-2006 Evo)
71963F* MB880455 Blue - 2 Drip Moulding Clip
*(2003 Evo)
71963G 7403A017
(old# MU000217)
Purple - 2 Drip Moulding Clip
71963H 7403A018
(old# MU000218)
Yellow - 4 Drip Moulding Clip
71963J 7403A019
(old# MU000219)
Black - 6 Drip Moulding Clip




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