NRG Engine Damper - Mitsubishi Evo VIII / IX (EDA-601)

$ 80


Engine torque damper is a compact, individual shock that minimizes unwanted engine movement. This adjustable damper installs between the engine block and the chassis with customizable steel brackets (for maximum strength) to effectively reduce energy in vibration of the motor, being wasted and transferred to undesired parts; thus, maximize horsepower and torque by ensuring all power of the engine is applied on the wheels. Minimizing engine movement can also increase the life of engine mounts. It improves acceleration from the initiation to smoother shifts between gears and diminishes miss-shifts. Meanwhile, an engine torque damper can serve as the most inexpensive but effective way to decorate the engine bay of your vehicle to a show level.

Item Features:
  • Stabilizes Engine Movement Under Heavy Duty to Maximize Horsepower and Torque
  • Increase Engine Response by Minimizes Undesired Vibration and Wheel Hop to the Drive-train
  • Ensures Power from the Engine is applied on the Wheels
  • Prolong the Life of Engine Mounts and Preserve Other Parts in the Engine Bay from Damages from Motor Oscillation
  • Aids in Overall Stability of Vehicles, especially during Gear Shifting
  • Made of High Aircraft Quality T-6061 Aluminum
  • Manufactured with the Latest Permanent Mold Casting Technology
  • Anodized Polished Finish for Durability and Strength
  • Stainless Steel Brackets ensures Mounting & Shock Absorbing Capability

  • Application:
    03-07 EVOLUTION EVO 8 & 9 (4G63)

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