ST Suspension DZX Wheel Spacer Bundle (Evo 7-9)

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ST Suspension DZX Wheel Spacer Bundle 

ST spacers are mounted between the wheel hub and alloy wheels. The result is a widened track, improved stance and an increased handling performance. ST spacers also give the impression of a wider rim. This is a simple and effective way to achieve a sportier appearance with tuneable driving dynamics. The ST spacers are available in black anodized aluminum.
* Made from high-quality aluminum
* Black anodized for corrosion protection
* Improved stance
* Widened track
* Matching wheel bolts available (in black and silver)

*System DZX*
5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5 or 25mm per wheel
Through-hole system with multi bolt holes and patented center adapters for cars with wheel bolts AND wheel studs. For Spacers up to 10 mm per wheel the wheel spacer is precisely centered on the wheel hub with the flat center adapter. From 12.5 mm per wheel the long center adapter offers a double centering on the wheel hub and for the rim which guarantees an optimal concentricity. Longer wheel bolts or ST shaft nuts are required. (Please order separately)
* Box contents: 2 wheel spacers system DZX, 2 center adapters

*System AZX*
25, 30 or 35 mm per wheel
Bolt on system with patented center adapters for double centring for cars with wheel bolts AND threaded wheel studs. The double centring system guarantees an optimal fitment. Different center bores can be covered with the exchangeable center adapters. The wheel spacer is mounted to the wheel hub with the added mounting material. For cars with threaded wheel studs the ST threaded studs are used to mount the wheel to the wheel spacer. For cars with wheel bolts M14x1.5 bolts are used to mount the wheel on the wheel spacer. Additionally, a conversion from wheel bolts to threaded wheel studs is possible due to the ST threaded studs.
* Box contents: 2 wheel spacers system AZX, 2 center adapters system AZX, incl. mounting gear
Axle Width: 20mm
Center Bore: 67.1mm

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