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WORKS Brain Flash P1 - 2008+ EVO X

Our brains control our vitals. An EVO's ECU is no different. There is no single more valuable tool available to any tuner than the ability to access the car's brain and reprogram it to perform to its fullest potential -- especially after tuning parts have been integrated into the system. No piggyback add-ons that intercept and falsify signals to the factory ECU and no standalone engine management systems compromising Mitsubishi functionality and safety.

The WORKS Brain Flash is the factory ECU that has been reprogrammedwith our proprietary FlashWORKS Programming System optimizing allapplicable maps including the air/fuel ratios, ignition timing andcalculated rev limit. WORKS is the very first and only U.S. company toreprogram the 2008 factory ECU. Our Software Engineers have beendisassembling U.S. EVO VIII code since April '03 and have softwarecontrol unparalleled in the industry. With the Brain Flash P1, expectpeak gains in HP and TQ, but more importantly a broad, usable, powercurve with no other modifications that is very safe and reliable. Inaddition, expect smoother drivability and improved gas mileage. Nothingcomes close to the plug-and-play performance and reliability of theWORKS Brain Flash. An excellent choice for those limited to stock boostunder competition rules (i.e. SCCA Solo II).

The ECU can be reprogrammed back to stock if necessary and, of course, is backed by our Factory Matched Warranty.

*Custom dyno or road tuning is also available. From just onegear at wide-open throttle all the way to multiple gears at variousthrottle positions. Please call for details.

Note: This is a mail in flash that requires the customer to send their ECU into WORKS. Turn around time is usually same day.

Application: '08 EVO X including GSR and MR. Please download and complete the Brain Flash Checklist when ordering.

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