JDC Titanium Processing Times:

    • We're a very fast growing small business with 7 full-time employees and we're experiencing a higher volume of orders than we can get out each day. Please bear with us as we are working as fast as as possible to get your parts finished and shipped.
    • The current average processing time for any order containing JDC Titanium Products is 15-20 BUSINESS days. We're doing our best to improve our processing times and hope to reduce them very soon.
      • Keep in mind shipping times will vary depending on the size of your order and work required to finish the product(s).
      • If your order includes multiple titanium kits, larger pieces, or requires extra design work before laser-etching, the production time will be longer. 
      • We try to keep our customers up to date on the progress of their orders as much as possible, but with the mass amounts of orders we have coming in each day, it's nearly impossible to give every customer an update and know exactly when their order will ship.
      • As soon as your order ships we will send you an email with tracking information. For domestic orders, we do ship out orders partially if one piece may significantly delay the rest of the order. If that's the case with your order you'll receive an email with tracking on the parts that ship and another one when the rest of the order ships. 

      Why does it take so long for us to ship titanium parts and kits? 

      • Keep in mind all our titanium parts are colored as orders are placed. That means we don't have any titanium parts finished and sitting on a shelf ready to ship out as soon as your order is placed. We put a LOT of extra time and effort in to each of our products in order to offer you the best quality products possible. Once an order is placed the part or kit goes into our production schedule in the order it was received. When your order is next in line, we start the process to add coloring and laser-etched logos. The only way we could change this process is by reducing the amount of color options we offer on the site and we really don't want to do that! Perfection takes time and we promise it'll be worth the wait! 

      Other Brand Products:

        Backorder? The website said it was in stock!

        • Our website does not track stock levels on many of our parts, as we have multiple warehouses we source and ship parts from and it's nearly impossible to manually keep up with daily changing inventory levels. When you place an order with JD Customs USA, we review the order and start processing each item to begin getting all of your parts to you as soon as possible. We cross check all of our warehouses to find in stock parts before we reach out to give you the news that one or more of your parts are out of stock or on backorder. Nine times out of ten, this means NO ONE (not even the brand manufacturer) has that part in stock. The best way to make sure you get the backordered item(s) as soon as possible is to keep the order in and wait it out. This is the best way to get your parts as soon as stock becomes available again.

        Can I just cancel the order? I’ll check with someone else who might have it…

          • Yes, it is possible for another company to have the part on their shelf, but very unlikely. Before you cancel an order with us, we always recommend verifying stock with the other company to make sure they actually have it in stock at their location. Most companies fall into one of two categories or a combination of the two:
          • Drop-Shippers: These companies do not stock any products at their physical location. They do what’s known in the business as drop-shipping. This means they have dealers for certain brands and get all of their parts from other companies and just ship them directly to you. They are basically a middle-man between you and the company the parts are coming from.
          • Inventory Dealers/Distributors: These companies keep actual stock at one or multiple locations. Some of these companies anyone can buy from, such as MAPerformance, Summit Racing, Import Image Racing, and Rallysport Direct just to name a few. Some of them you cannot order directly from as you have to be an established business with a dealer account to buy from them. This is because they are there to help companies by supplying warehouses with tons and tons of parts. Why do they do this? Because many bigger companies have requirements and monthly minimum sales that have to be met to get any direct parts from them. This is where the distributors come in as they can be the middleman between the big companies and smaller ones. These companies have the resources to order and stock hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory across many different brands. They then allow smaller companies to buy what they need, as they need, from them.
          • Hybrid (Drop-ship/Inventory Dealers) - These are companies like us here at JD Customs USA. We stock all of our titanium parts as well as many of our more popular parts, especially the harder-to-get ones, like TiAL. We also have a distribution network that allows us to drop-ship parts from other locations or companies directly to the end user. This allows us to be a one-stop-shop for all of your needs, which removes the need to shop with multiple companies that offer the same parts. Why shop around and pay shipping on multiple orders if we can get you everything you are looking for all at once?
          I found what I needed somewhere else. Can I cancel my order?
          • The short answer is yes. You can cancel most orders as long as it has not shipped, but as we have mentioned before, we always recommend verifying stock with another company to make sure they actually have the part you're looking for in stock. Many sites are like ours and do not actually track inventory, or there could be an error in their inventory, which puts them in the same boat as us. More times than not, you will end up waiting longer as we have had the order in for your part already. For example, if you decide to wait on backorder and then a few weeks later, decide to cancel your order to get it from another company when we've had your order in for several weeks, you are now hopping out of line and will be put at the back of the line at another company, which will delay your order even longer and starts the whole waiting process over again.

          Can you cancel my order for now and let me know when you have some in stock? I’ll just order it then…

          • The best way to make sure you get the backordered item(s) as soon as possible is to keep the order with us and wait it out. Those who choose to wait go on an order waitlist and the oldest orders will get shipped first. Sometimes there are only enough of the new stock to cover those who have been waiting, so it's best to keep your order so we allocate the received parts to you.

          I was told an ETA was this date, now it has changed to another date. Why has it changed?

          • We do our best to update our customers with all delays as soon as we are made aware. We get our ETA’s from the manufactures or warehouses. We don’t just make them up. A lot of times these companies under promise and over deliver, meaning they know the date is about 10-12 days out, but they will add a little wiggle room for delays, so they tell us 20-30 days, which is what we then relay to you. Just like any other company, sometimes things take a little longer than anticipated and the delay is longer than the original ETA. We take our customer service very seriously and always do our best to update customers as best as we can, and for those who can’t wait, we try to find other solutions.

          What's the best way to find out how long an item will take to ship?

          • If you're in a time crunch and need an estimated shipping date before placing an order, please send an email to support@jdcustomsusa.com or give us a call at 423-665-9616 and we'll do our best to give you an estimated shipping time.