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JDC LanyardJDC Lanyard
JDC Lanyard
$ 5 $ 9.99
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JDC Solid Titanium Men's RingJDC Solid Titanium Men's Ring
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JDC Women's Titanium RingJDC Women's Titanium Ring
JDC Women's Titanium Ring
$ 39.99 $ 49.99

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JDC Titanium Cap Set (15-21 WRX/STI)JDC Titanium Cap Set (15-21 WRX/STI)
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JDC Titanium Master Cap Set (Evo 8/9)JDC Titanium Master Cap Set (Evo 8/9)
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JDC Titanium Oil Cap (Evo X)JDC Titanium Oil Cap (Evo X)

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JDC Titanium Cap Set ('22 WRX)JDC Titanium Cap Set ('22 WRX)

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A Guide to Titanium Auto Parts

A Guide to Titanium Auto Parts

This blog post talks all about titanium and why you need it on your car!
Slammedenuff Nashville Coverage

Slammedenuff Nashville Coverage

Slammedenuff shows have yet to disappoint! We are stoked to announce that we won three awards, best late model Nissan with the GT-R, best Mitsubishi with the Evo, and the Supra won its first award getting second place for the Toyota/Scion category. 
Carbon Fiber Delays Explained!

Carbon Fiber Delays Explained!

Let’s face it, we all love carbon fiber…but we hate waiting on it. We spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on pieces just to find out it is out of stock and on a long backorder. Today we are going to explain what is going on and why the wait times are so long.