JDC Titanium Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit 2G DSM/ Evo 4-9

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Due to the extreme popularity of the 6 point option, we have sold out of the 6 point nuts needed for the kit until further notice. You are welcome to still place an order if you are willing to wait. We will update any customers as soon as we know a better time frame if ordered. 

Using the factory exhaust manifold bolts and studs with an aftermarket turbo can result in stripped or broken bolts and inadequate sealing force, which will result in an exhaust leak. This kit will allow you to properly seal the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head and will never rust or corrode! The JDC titanium stud kit is made from a Ti6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium and incorporates a hex key tip that allows them to be easily installed using an Allen wrench.


  • Fits 1995-1999 2G DSM Engines and Evo 4-9


What's Included:

  • (2) M10x1.25x45mm Studs, Nuts, & Washers
  • (7) M8x1.25x45mm Studs, Nuts, & Washers

(Optional) Turbo to Manifold Stud Kit:

  • Evo 4-9 Stock Frame Manifold:
    • (4) M10x1.25x45mm Studs, Nuts, & Washers

  • FP Cast Manifold:
    • (2) Six Point M10 Bolts with Washers
    • (2) M10 Studs, Nuts, & Washers

FP Cast manifolds:

  • The FP manifold turbo to manifold stud kit is currently only available with six-point headed bolts. 
  • We recommend using six-point nuts for the manifold to head connection on the cast FP manifold. While twelve point nuts would still work, they'd most likely require an open end twelve-point wrench for installation due to less clearance around the studs.


  • Please check the clearance on your manifold before ordering. Some manifolds will have less clearance than others. If you have a manifold with sharp angle bends straight out of the head flange, we recommend using six-point nuts, which will allow you to use an open-end wrench to tighten them. Twelve point nuts would require a closed-end wrench to tighten and may not have enough room to get on the nut once the studs are in place. Check for clearance before ordering and you shouldn't have any issues. 

*Exhaust manifold to head torque specs: 18-22 ft. lbs.


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