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DEI 2-Piece License Plate LED LightingDEI 2-Piece License Plate LED Lighting
DEI 2-Piece License Plate LED Lighting
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LED Flasher for 2010-2012 Hyundai Genesis CoupeLED Flasher for 2010-2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Fog Light LEDs for 2010-2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (pair)Fog Light LEDs for 2010-2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (pair)

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Hyundai Genesis Coupe FAQs

  1. What are the best Genesis mods for performance?

In the past decade, Genesis Coupe drivers have popularized countless modifications of their r spec vehicles. From different wheels to engine upgrades, drivers are passionate about what they can enhance on their luxury sedans. To best improve your driving experience consider the following performance mods:

Cold Air Intake: Upgrading to a high-flow cold air intake system can improve airflow to the cylinder engine, increasing horsepower and throttle response.

Exhaust System: Installing an aftermarket exhaust system, such as a cat-back exhaust, with less restrictive components can enhance exhaust flow, resulting in improved performance and a more aggressive sound.

ECU Tuning: Custom ECU (Engine Control Unit) tuning can optimize the engine's performance parameters, such as fuel delivery and timing, to extract more power and torque from the Genesis Coupe.

Suspension Upgrades: Upgrading the suspension components, such as springs, shocks, sway bars, and strut braces, allow for better handling and stability of the Genesis Coupe, allowing for improved cornering and responsiveness.

The exact performance parts and mods that are best for your Hyundai Genesis Coupe depend on your car goals. It is important to do thorough research on each of these changes and their parts so you are assured they are high quality. JD Customs not only has the parts for your mods but also the experts to help you decide which are right for you.

  1. Can I increase the horsepower of my Genesis Coupe with an aftermarket exhaust system?

Yes, installing an aftermarket exhaust system on your Genesis Coupe can increase its horsepower. An aftermarket exhaust system can include exhaust bellows and gaskets, providing a slight boost in lb-ft of torque. However, the power gains from an exhaust system alone are generally limited. To achieve more significant increases in horsepower, it's often necessary to combine the exhaust system with other performance modifications such as intake upgrades, ECU tuning, or forced induction. It's important to note that removing or tampering with a catalytic converter is illegal in many regions due to environmental regulations. One accessory available for your exhaust system is the stainless steel Manifold Gasket.

  1. What suspension upgrades are recommended for improved handling on the Genesis Coupe?

To improve handling on the Genesis Coupe, recommended suspension upgrades include coilover systems, stiffer sway bars, performance shocks/struts, lowering springs, upgraded bushings, adjustable camber arms, and improved brake pads. These items are available for purchase at JD Customs!

  1. Are there any ECU tuning options to maximize the performance of the Genesis Coupe?

There are a number of ECU tuning options available to maximize the performance of Hyundai Genesis Sedans. ECU tuning involves modifying the engine's computer system to optimize various parameters and extract more power and torque. One option, the AEM Electronics Series Management System, is a highly regarded aftermarket solution offering advanced tuning capabilities and precise control over engine options. ECU tuning can provide benefits such as increased horsepower, improved throttle response, and better drivability. With the help of JD Customs, your car mods will make it look like you just got off the track!

  1. Can I install a cold air intake on my Genesis Coupe for better engine performance?

Yes, installing a cold air intake on your Genesis Coupe can improve engine performance. A cold air intake replaces the stock air intake system with a system that draws in cooler air from outside the engine bay. Cooler air is denser, which allows for more efficient combustion and increased horsepower. Additionally, a cold air intake can improve throttle response and provide a more aggressive engine sound. It is a relatively simple modification that can be installed with basic tools and does not require significant changes to the vehicle's existing components. Though installing a cold air intake to your vehicle helps with temperature control, it is important to check the heat shield near your engine to assure no overheating is possible. It's important to note that the actual performance gains may vary depending on other factors such as the specific design of the intake, overall vehicle setup, and the presence of other performance modifications. An alternative to this mod could be the installation of an intercooler to your Genesis motor, also available for purchase at JD Customs.

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