JDC Affiliate Program


Do you love JDC Products? Do you want to earn a 5% commission when customers use your code to purchase JDC brand products on our site?

If you said yes, then perfect!
Don't worry about your social media following or your car's specs—everyone's welcome! To get started as a JDC Affiliate Member, just click the link below to sign up! 

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JDC Sponsorship Program

As a JDC Sponsored Member, we have expectations for you to fulfill in order to represent our brand. We allocate a large portion of our marketing budget to support sponsored members, and it's crucial that you help us make that investment worthwhile. Maintaining an active social media presence per tier is essential, as it serves as a platform for showcasing our products and experiences with your audience. We encourage you to seek out creative and impactful ways to promote our products, maximizing our return on investment for you, the sponsored member. By passionately representing JDC you contribute significantly to our brand's growth and success, and in turn, ensure that our investment in sponsored members like yourself yields positive results.

If your sponsorship application is accepted, you will recive an affiliate account to use for advertising JDC Brand Products. Anyone that uses your affiliate code to place an order will recieve 10% off JDC Brand parts and in return YOU will recieve 5% of the total order cost (minus shipping cost) of JDC parts purchased as a commission for the sale. This is exactly what the affiliate program is however as a sponsored individual you personally recieve a greater percentage off JDC Products depending on your tier.

    Please read the following requirements to maxamize your chances of being approved. 👇

    • Please Note: If any of the requirements above are not met for the sponsorship tier you are applying for, your application will not be considered.
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Sponsorship Tiers and Requirements

What You'll Receive:

You will receive 15% off most JDC Brand parts that are purchased for your use on your own vehicle.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum of 2,000 followers on Instagram or other social media accounts.
  • Attend at least three car shows within one year.
  • Maintain an active social media presence on at least one platform, where you consistently showcase and promote our products to your audience.

What We'll Expect From You:

  • Share your affiliate code displaying your JDC parts in a post or story on social media at least twice per month.
  • Display your affiliate discount code in your Instagram bio or Linktree app.
  • Display two JDC vinyl stickers on your vehicle for the entirey of your sponsorship.
  • Join the JDC sponsored member group on Facebook, actively engage with fellow members. By collaborating and interacting, we can all support one another in promoting the JDC brand effectively.

Read below to Know what to expect From a JD Customs USA Sponsorship👇

Securing a sponsorship involves establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between JDC and the sponsored individual. Since we invest a significant part of our marketing budget in sponsored members, it's essential to meet specific requirements and maintain a professional approach.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Don't expect free products; partial sponsorships are more common. Understand that sponsorships often involve product discounts rather than outright free products. Companies, including JDC, have established discount structures to support sponsored members. High-profile builds may receive more significant discounts, but it's crucial to manage your expectations.
  • Avoid acting entitled; be prepared for the responsibility of being a brand ambassador. Approach the sponsorship with humility and professionalism. As a JDC brand ambassador, you represent the company at shows, meets, and events. Embrace this responsibility, and be prepared to uphold JDC's reputation in all interactions.
  • Research JDC products thoroughly to promote them effectively. Familiarize yourself with JDC's product offerings to effectively promote them to others. Knowledge of each product's features, benefits, and suitability for various vehicle builds will enable you to speak confidently and convincingly about them.
  • Be a knowledgeable brand ambassador, able to discuss the benefits of JDC products with others. As a brand ambassador, you're expected to answer questions and discuss JDC products knowledgeably. Instead of merely listing product features, explain how they have enhanced your vehicle's performance and why others should consider them. This demonstrates your expertise and credibility as a JDC representative.
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How do I apply for a JDC Sponsorship?

  • Email your written proposal, sponsorship application, and high-quality pictures of your car to Jon@jdcustomsusa.com.
  • Set up your JDC Affiliate Account to track sales and generate product links.