Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield (Evo 4-9)

SKU: TB6050-MT01A

$ 126

The TOMEI Expreme exhaust manifold has been developed to deliver “absolute power” improvement through its efficiency. The performance curve proves that this is the absolute best performance possible from any manifold. Before thought to be unimaginable, is now available for everyone off the shelf. You will not regret the pure sensational feeling that this manifold has to offer, an absolutely different dimension from unimpressive competition manifolds.

Features Designed to minimize exhaust resistance

Super lightweight & perfect flange SUS304 stainless steel pipes high performance achieved through the entire RPM range

Improved efficient engine response superb sound quality

Overall lighter in weight in comparison with the factory genuine product.

Designed for optimum operating efficiency

Bolts, Gaskets and Heat Wrap are all included Extreme heat resistant.

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