All JDC titanium parts are hand polished or brushed and colored in house using our proprietary six step cold anodizing process to ensure the most vibrant colors on the market! All of our hardware is CNC machined from the strongest Ti6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium. Titanium is around 45% lighter, much stronger, and will not corrode like your stock steel bolts or studs. Since each piece is colored as it is ordered, please allow a slight variance between shades and patterns. 
Please use the color chart below as a reference when selecting your color:


Color Options Include:

Burnt: A mixture of Blue, Purple, and gold/bronze.
Rainbow Anodized: Mixture of light Blue, Gold, and Pink with a hint of deep Purple and sometimes Dark Blue. 
Solid Colors: Blue, Purple, Gold. 
Custom Colors/Designs: Please email us for options and ideas!

Titanium Maintenance & Care:

Titanium is one of the coolest metals on earth, but just like any metal, it requires proper care.

Titanium is sensitive to oils from your hands and some other elements in the environment, which might seem to discolor or fade the anodized coating, but don’t worry! The anodized coating is just as strong as the metal itself. 


When installing titanium parts, it’s a good idea to wear a set of gloves to keep the oil from your hands off the part. Make sure to clean the part after installation before any heat is applied to ensure the oils are not baked on the part. 


If you do need to clean your titanium parts, wash with soapy water and dry with a microfiber towel. You can also use Windex and rinse with water. We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals like engine degreaser or brake parts cleaner. You should also never use any type of metal polish. A polish can lighten or completely remove the oxidized layer on the part, leaving it colorless.


JD Customs USA does not warranty the color finish on any part, but we will recolor any titanium part we sell for up to one year from purchase. The buyer will be responsible for paying shipping both ways. This applies to the original buyer only.

If you have any questions please contact us!

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Call/text: (423) 665-9616