Subaru BRZ and the World of Interior Mods

The Subaru BRZ, with its sleek design and impeccable performance, has cemented its reputation in the sports car market. The name alone evokes a rush of adrenaline for car enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate a fine balance of aesthetics and power. While its performance is undeniably stellar, a driving experience is more than just speed and handling—it’s also about the comfort, the ambiance, and the personal touch drivers feel when they slide into the driver's seat.

This is where interior modifications, or mods as they're popularly called, come into the picture. These enhancements, from upgrades to the steering wheel to adding a new shift knob, can transform the Subaru BRZ from a powerful sports car to a personalized statement on wheels. Mods not only enhance the look and feel but also improve the functionality and utility of the car's interior. Think of them as a bridge between the car's original design and the owner's unique personality.

Let's dive into the exciting world of Subaru BRZ's interior and how modifications can elevate your driving experience to unparalleled heights.

Evolution of the Subaru BRZ's Interior: A Journey of Design and Innovation

The Subaru BRZ, since its inception, has always been a marvel of design and engineering. This is particularly true when it comes to its interiors. The cockpit of the BRZ is a perfect combination of sporty aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and driver-centric ergonomics. But to truly appreciate the current features, it's crucial to understand its evolution.

The BRZ is marked with several enhancements that focus on improving the overall driving experience. One of the standout features is the digital instrument cluster. Sleek, vibrant, and user-friendly, this cluster offers drivers a seamless way to access vital information, adding a modern touch to the dashboard.

Subaru Starlink, another significant feature, represents the brand's commitment to blending entertainment, information, and connectivity. Whether you're looking to navigate unfamiliar terrains, stream your favorite tunes, or stay connected on the go, Starlink ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips.

But it's not just about the tech; the BRZ has also seen a transformation in its design aesthetics. The trim levels offered by Subaru give drivers an array of choices, tailoring the interior experience to their preferences. From the standard BRZ to the luxurious BRZ Premium and the exclusive Special Edition, there's a version for every enthusiast. Each trim level builds on the previous one, introducing additional features, more sophisticated materials, and design elements that cater to both the purist and the modernist.

While the BRZ has always been celebrated for its performance on the road, it's the interior details that make every journey truly memorable. It's about the tactile feel of the steering wheel, the intuitiveness of the manual transmission, the convenience of the Subaru Starlink, and the comfort of the front seats. Subaru, over the years, has demonstrated its dedication to evolving and refining these details, ensuring the BRZ remains a favorite among sports car aficionados.

The Art of Personalization: Top Subaru BRZ Interior Modifications

When you own a Subaru BRZ, you're not just driving a car; you're experiencing a piece of engineering artistry. Interior modifications offer BRZ owners the perfect opportunity to mesh their personal tastes with the BRZ's iconic design. Let’s dive into some of the top modifications that not only enhance the car's aesthetics but also its utility.

Steering Wheel Upgrades:

The BRZ’s steering wheel is already a thing of beauty. But for those looking for a more race-inspired touch, there are modifications available. Swapping the standard wheel for one with a more tactile grip can amplify the car's sporty vibe. The steering wheel is where your connection with the BRZ truly begins. Enhance the grip, feel, and aesthetics with custom steering wheel mods, tailored to your preference. 

Transmission Tweaks:

The BRZ offers both manual and automatic transmission models, catering to purists and those looking for convenience. For manual transmission enthusiasts, upgrading the gear shifter or adding paddle shifters to the automatic transmission model can provide a more connected and immersive driving experience. Whether you're a fan of the manual transmission for that classic sports car experience or lean towards the automatic transmission for daily commutes, JD Customs offers modifications for both. From paddle shifters to enhance your driving experience in an automatic transmission model to tweaks that further smoothen a standard six-speed, we've got it all.

Infotainment Overhaul:

While the Subaru Starlink offers a plethora of features, there’s always room for more. Integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provides seamless smartphone connectivity. Enhanced audio streaming capabilities, along with the addition of satellite radio, can elevate the auditory experience during drives.

Comfort and Utility Mods:

The BRZ is known for its compact yet comfortable interiors. Upgrading the front seats with cloth upholstery featuring unique designs or adding a touch of luxury with climate-controlled seats can make long drives more enjoyable. Additionally, while the rear seats are already foldable, introducing modifications that further increase cargo space can be a game-changer.

Tech and Convenience:

The BRZ is already equipped with features like keyless access and adaptive cruise control. But for those looking to push the boundaries, adding features like a digital speedometer, USB ports for rear passengers, or enhanced Bluetooth connectivity can make every journey more convenient and tech-savvy.


The front seats of the BRZ are where you spend the most time. Upgrade them with our custom modifications, ensuring they not only look good but also offer maximum comfort. And for those looking for added utility, consider our folding rear seats option.

Whether it's a digital instrument cluster with a linear graph, adaptive cruise control for relaxed highway drives, or a special edition rear spoiler to add that extra flair, JD Customs caters to all your customization goals. 

Remember, while the Subaru BRZ is a marvel right out of the showroom, the true beauty of a sports car lies in making it your own. These mods are not just about aesthetics or comfort; they're about showcasing your personality, every time you hit the road.

In our upcoming sections, we'll introduce how JD Customs can be your trusted partner in this journey of personalization, ensuring that every mod is a perfect blend of quality, functionality, and style.

JD Customs USA: Pioneers in Automotive Excellence

When we talk about interior modifications, especially for iconic cars like the Subaru BRZ, it's crucial to partner with a company that understands your passion, precision, and the need for perfection. At JD Customs USA, we are a name synonymous with top-tier car modifications and a reputation built on years of relentless dedication.

Why JD Customs USA for Your BRZ?

Expertise in Titanium and Carbon Fiber: At JD Customs, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in offering titanium and carbon fiber parts. Whether you're looking for a trim level upgrade or a special edition badge, we've got you covered.

Partnerships with the Best: We're not just a standalone entity. We've partnered with the biggest distributors and top-performance brands in the U.S., ensuring that you receive nothing but the best for your Subaru.

A Dedicated Team: Every person at JD Customs USA is driven by passion and a shared vision. We're not just selling parts; we're sharing a part of our journey with every BRZ owner.

Every modification, every part, and every product you get from JD Customs USA carries a promise—a promise of unmatched quality, durability, and a seamless blend with your car's persona. We've been at this for years, and our journey resonates with the very spirit of the BRZ: passion, performance, and perfection.

Taking Your Subaru BRZ to the Next Level with JD Customs USA

The Subaru BRZ, a pure sports car in its essence, demands nothing but the best when it comes to modifications. So, if you're contemplating enhancing the interiors of your new BRZ, look no further. JD Customs USA is here to assist, ensuring that your beloved vehicle not only stands out but also encapsulates your personality and driving style.

The Subaru BRZ is a masterpiece. And at JD Customs USA, we believe in complementing this masterpiece with modifications that resonate with its spirit. Whether you're hitting the race track in track mode or cruising down the city streets, remember – with JD Customs USA, your BRZ is not just another sports car; it's an extension of you.

Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and offerings from JD Customs USA as we continue to revolutionize the automotive modification space, one Subaru at a time. Safe driving and happy modding!

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