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COMP Cams Quiktyme Camshafts 119200 Evo 8

COMP Cams Quiktyme Camshafts 119200 Evo 8

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COMP Cams is proud to introduce newly developed camshaft sets for performance applications. After extensive testing, the COMP Cams engineers have produced Quiktyme Camshaft sets that yield dramatic gains in torque and horsepower. The new COMP Quiktyme Cams are available in four difference configurations; specifically designed for four distinctive RPM bands. From Serious Street to ProRacing, COMP Quiktyme Cams offers a camshaft set to give you the winning edge.

* Great street cam for increased power and torque with efficiency.
* Works with stock components.

* Best performance cam available.
* Large increases above stock cam from off idle to the rev limiter.
* Excellent high RPM power.

* Excellent mid-range to top end power for serious performers.
* Excellent high RPM power.

* Great top end power for radical street or race applications.
Exhaust Duration: 257
Exhaust Duration @ .050 in.: 210
Exhaust Valve Lift(in): 0.411
Intake Duration: 256
Intake Duration @ .050 in.: 210
Intake Valve Lift(in): 0.434
Lifter Type: Hydraulic Roller
RPM Range: 2000-9000
Usage: Street/Performance

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