JDC Stainless Steel Engine Bay Hardware Replacement Kit (Evo 8/9)

$ 59.99


JDC Stainless Steel Engine Bay Hardware Replacement Kit

Tired of your ugly rusted stock hardware? This kit will replace it all! This stainless steel kit is NOT a universal kit. This kit was designed specifically for the EVO 8/9. The factory bolts and nuts were measured to determine the proper size and length to be provided in the kit. Instructions can be found below or by scanning the QR code on the back of the product label. 

(14) M6 Bolts & Washers:  (Circled in Blue)
  • Fenders
  • Headlights
  • Radiator Overflow Reservoir
  • Front Bumper
(8) M8 Bolts:  (Circled in Red)
  • (2) 25mm Bolts (ACD Reservoir)
  • (2) 25mm Bolts (Radiator Stay Brackets)
  • (1) 25mm Bolt (A/C Line)
  • (1) 25mm (Power Steering Line)
  • (2) 25mm (Power Steering Reservoir)
  • (8) Finishing Washers
Valve Cover:  (Circled in Green)
  • (13) 25mm Bolts (Inside & Outside of Valve Cover)
  • (4) 16mm Bolts (Spark Plug Cover)
  • (3) 12mm Bolts (Front Engine Lift Hook & Rear Wire Harness Brackets)
  • (20) Washers (For Each Bolt)
Timing Belt Cover:  (Circled in Purple)
  • (4) M6x20mm Bolts & Washers
Fusebox:  (Circled in Pink)
  • (2) M6x14mm Bolts & Washers 

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Divesh S.
If you know you know

If you aren’t buying form JDC your missing a key component in life taking fat loses buying from companies that are charging you for nothing. JDC is a go to they even give deals & have amazig customer service.

Thanks so much for the awesome review! You're right. Our main focus is a happy customer! We make that possible by providing the best parts at the best prices and backing it up with the best customer service you can imagine. Thanks for your business and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

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