Frshslabs Re-Scentable Wooden Air Freshener (Evo X)

$ 22.50

Frshslabs Custom Made Re-Scentable Wooden Air Fresheners (Evo X)

Frshslabs are reusable air fresheners that are laser cut and engraved from actual wood and come in different styles, shades, and scents. 

Evo X Frshslab

How to order: 

Step 1: Select your amount of refills.
Step 2: Choose your wood color.

Step 3: Choose your scent.


Your frshslab is made to order and will be shipped within 5-7 business days. Please allow 2-4 working days for delivery within the United States depending on the shipping method you select at checkout

More about Frshslabs: 

At frshslabs, we're tired of single-use air fresheners that don't match the style of your car. We hated seeing the unnecessary waste when having to buy a new one over and over. This is why we created frshslabs; custom-made, re-scentable, and earth-friendly air fresheners.


We care about our planet as much as we care about our cars. Therefore we made sure each frshslab is biodegradable and sustainable. *Even though frshslabs are biodegradable, please dispose of them properly and with care.* 

  • Wood 
In order to provide you with a color choice we offer three different types of wood; Cedar (Light), Cherry (Medium), and Walnut (Dark). All our wood comes from local sawmills and we primarily use cut-offs that would otherwise get thrown out. This way we ensure nothing goes to waste and we reduce the impact on our planet's resources.
  • Leather string