GrimmSpeed Equal Length Header (15-21 WRX)

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GrimmSpeed Equal Length Header

Our attention to detail during development and overall exhaust knowledge allows us to make the best possible upgraded version of the factory alternative. After isolating the inadequacies of the OEM exhaust manifold, we were able to create a replacement that’s leagues above: introducing the all-new GrimmSpeed 2015-21 WRX Equal Length Header.

The result of our hard work is one of the best looking, performing, and most durable header options in the Subaru aftermarket. The exhaust runners are CNC-bent and trimmed as a single piece with no additional welds to introduce points of failure or junctions that would interrupt flow, resulting in a truly equal-length header with almost no variance in runner bend angle. This is especially important for maximizing the performance of the 2015-21 FA WRX twin scroll configuration. Our unique low restriction cast collector allows for the perfect runner spacing and angles necessary to obtain the equal bends and lengths of all the tubes. This is a major part of the GrimmSpeed Header’s ability to fit between the stock skid plate and the oil pan, while still providing the ideal performance from the rest of the design. The collector allows for a more smooth and consistent flow compared to a welded variant which can have the flow interruption or structural failure that we see with other headers.

The header flanges are CNC-cut and faced from a 1/2in thick piece of 304 stainless steel. This design is much thicker than OEM and allows us to ensure perfect flange flatness. The result is greater gasket sealing and ultimately increased performance and reliability. The exhaust runners are also made from thick tubing for increased longevity and are welded both on the inside and outside of the flanges. This is an extra step in manufacturing that provides a rounded lip to improve flow from the flange through the runner.

Our header kit comes with everything necessary for install on your 2015-21 WRX, including gaskets and hardware, as well as a custom slotted J-pipe/turbo bracket. This piece solves the OE bracket fitment issue that other aftermarket headers ignore and force you to go without, putting unneeded stress and potentially damaging your exhaust components.

[We will make the bracket and hardware/gaskets available as separate kits, stay tuned for another email with part numbers]

All of these things come together to make The GrimmSpeed 15-21 WRX Equal Length Header not only the prettiest on the market but at the top when it comes to performance and durability.

Quick Specs:

  • Full 304 Stainless Steel Construction – Flanges, tubing, collector, and badge
  • True Equal Length Runners – CNC bent and trimmed, less than 1% variance in length
  • Innovative Cast Merge Collector – Low restriction, smooth flow for consistent performance
  • Smooth, Restriction-Free Flow Throughout – Single piece mandrel-bent tubing welded to a single piece merge collector removes unwanted “steps”
  • Thick 1/2in CNC Cut Flanges and 14ga Tubing – Added durability and longevity
  • No Tune Required – Safe to run, just bolt-on for increased HP and TQ
  • No Ground Clearance Loss – Clears factory skid plate without using spacers
  • Custom J-Pipe/Turbo Bracket Included – Retain the support that other aftermarket headers lose
  • Gaskets and Hardware Included – Everything you need to install and hit the road
  • Manufactured and Welded in The USA – For consistency and top quality control.


  • 15-21 WRX

Installation Guide:

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