GSC Beehive Valve Springs w/ Titanium Retainers (Subaru EJ)

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Subaru Single Spring Valve Springs - 85lbs

GSC Power-Division Beehive springs feature some of the most impressive manufacturing techniques in the industry. Our beehive spring uses an ovate wire which utilizes advanced material heat treatment methods for superior load loss capabilities. What this means to you is our spring has the highest level of spring load retention while still maintaining good fatigue threw out the life of the spring.

The retainer side of the valve spring has a smaller diameter to greatly reduce coil spring surging and improve valve control even at extreme rpm levels.

Only the best materials go into the GSC Power-Division Beehive valve springs. Each batch is scrutinized for tensile strength properties, ductility, inclusion content, and fatigue toughness. Each new design is tested to 11,000RPMS so you can rest assure that you have the best possible valve spring set available on the market.

This GSC Single Beehive valve spring set includes new Titanium Retainers. This kit is capable of 11000+ RPMS, with as much as 12.5mm of lift. This is a must have for anyone pushing the limits. If you have had problems with valve float or throwing rocker arms this is the spring set that will cure your problems for good...


  • Seat pressure:
  • Seat at 1.46"= 95 pounds
  • .300"= 200 pounds
  • .400"= 250 pounds
  • CoilBind .560"


  • Subaru EJ Series

What's in the box?

  • 1 Set of Valve Springs w/ Retainers


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