HKS R-Type Intercooler Kit (GT-R 09-15)

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HKS Intercooler Kits are application specific upgrade kits for factory intercooled turbocharged vehicles. Designed specifically for each application; intercooler width, height, thickness and placement are calculated for maximum efficiency and performance. All necessary silicone hoses, brackets, hardware and fittings are included for a complete bolt-on installation. Most application specific HKS Intercooler systems and upgrade kits are CARB exempt (CARB E.O. #D-186-21).

HKS S-Type Intercooler Kits
HKS S-Type intercooler kits are front mount units utilizing either a 600mm X 301mm X 65mm core or a 600mm X 244mm X 65mm core. The larger core is efficient up to 450HP and the smaller core to 400HP. All S-Types utilize a multiple loop shape on the outer fins and a straight through design on the inner fins; allowing the pressurized air to quickly pass through.

HKS R-Type Intercooler Kits
HKS R-Type intercooler kits are large front mount units that offer the ultimate in cooling capacity. R-Type intercoolers have been engineered to maintain efficiency on applications rated up to 800HP. Measuring 600mm X 302mm in frontal surface area, R-Type front mount intercooler kits maximize cooling efficiency. The 97mm thickness of the core allows for unrestricted internal airflow of pressurized air without affecting external airflow to the radiator. R-Type kits can be used with a stock turbocharger, and are recommended for highly modified turbocharger applications.





◆Cooling performance

Although performance of stock intercooler is good, it is just good for stock boost level. At boost 1.2k (GT570 Kit, GT600 Kit), temperature of compressed air will be increased. (Cause: Since stock core size is not enough for the flow capacity of stock turbochargers.) To improve cooling performance, larger core is required. After performance tests, if the core size is just slightly larger, there is not so much performance improvement. To achieve great performance enhancement, the large size (Size: 400x260x65) & thin core was selected.



Intercooler unit is lighter than stock. It reduces weight of overhang.
(Stock : 9.6kg HKS : 8.0kg)


◆Pressure loss

To prevent pressure loss due to the thin core, the new inner fin design will minimize pressure loss.


◆Affection to water temperature

Large capacity core tends to affect to air flow for radiator. With the thin core, air flow speed to radiator will be increased. During tests at Sendai Highland Circuit and Fuji Speedway by a professional racing driver, increasing of water temperature was the same level as stock system.


◆Special large carbon air guide

The shape of the air guide fits to the core size. Induction air flow goes through efficiently to the core that enhances cooling performance. The side air guide plate guides air to radiator as well.
(The carbon pattern is mat twill weave cloth.)




Stock: Stock
HKS Proto1: Competitors' size
HKS Proto3: HKS product



HKS Intercooler 447.7kw (608.6ps) / 6710rpm
Stock Intercooler 438.6kw (596.3ps) / 6660rpm



  • Installation time: About 8 - 10 hours
  • Kit parts: Intercooler assy, Air guide, Intercooler pipe, Silicon hose, Hose band, Bracket, Bolt & nut.
  • Required tool: Nut cutter
  • Required modification: Modification of air guide in front of stock radiator core support. Bending air conditioner pipe.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Core Size・Location Type Code No. Price Remarks
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12- R type INTERCOOLER 400X260X65・2・Front mount   13001-AN013 Can’t install carbon air guide for 2011 spec. Can install to a left‐hand drive car. Not checked for SPEC V.

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