JDC Titanium V2 Oil Cap (Evo 1-9/DSM)

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JDC Titanium V2 Oil Cap

The JDC Titanium V2 Oil Cap is a new design with the same great benefits as the original. This solid titanium oil cap provides a very tight lock and uses an OEM Mitsubishi gasket for a leak-proof seal. Each cap is professionally CNC machined from a single piece of 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium and we've incorporated the bottom locking collar into the one-piece design and got rid of the screw/nut that would normally be inside your valve cover! Each cap is laser etched with the circular JDC logo on the top and is hand polished before receiving our proprietary cold anodizing treatment for colors that will last for a lifetime!

Benefits of the JDC Titanium V2 Oil Cap:

  • The one-piece design eliminates the possibility of the screw/nut falling off inside your valve cover, preventing a possible disaster! 
  • OEM Mitsubishi gasket is used for a tight and long-lasting seal.
  • 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium is super strong and will never rust!
  • Available in polished, solid colors, or our famous burnt or rainbow finish!
  • Laser-etched logo 
  • Custom-etched logos are available


  • 92-06 Evo 1-9
  • 90-99 1G & 2G DSM (Eclipse GST/GSX, Talon TSi & Laser Turbo)
  • 91-99 3000GT VR-4 & Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo

What's Included?

  • (1) Titanium Oil Cap
  • (1) OEM Mitsubishi Oil Seal

About our titanium:

  • CNC machined from a single piece of Ti6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium.
  • Each piece is hand-polished before receiving our proprietary cold anodizing treatment for colors that will last a lifetime!

Install notes:

  • The JDC logo will be straight facing the front of the engine bay when tightened all the way. Adding a little oil to the bottom of the seal may also help. This tight lock provides a leak-free seal from day one that will last many years!
  • Please note that in some cases, the new seal may not have as much flexibility as one that has gone through heat cycles. This can cause the cap to be difficult to turn all the way. If you experience this issue, we recommend tightening the cap as much as possible without using excessive force. As the seal becomes warm and softer over time, it should allow you to tighten the cap the rest of the way.
    • We recommend exercising caution and not applying too much force during installation, as this can damage the valve cover. If you encounter any issues during installation, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.

    Shipping Times:

    • All JDC titanium products are made to order unless otherwise stated on the item listing. Please see the red banner at the top of the website for the current estimated turnaround time. Production time can vary depending on your order size, products ordered, and the difficulty of custom options requested.

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