JDC Titanium Valve Cover Hardware Replacement Kit (1G/2G DSM)

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JDC Titanium Valve Cover Hardware Replacement Kit (1G/2G DSM)

Tired of looking at your rusty valve cover bolts? Replace them with beautiful titanium hardware! Select between standard Allen head bolts with washers or our custom-designed bolts with custom washers for a super clean look!

(Pictures show an Evo valve cover for hardware display purposes only)

If you already have the kit with our custom head bolts and want to add the new custom washers, click here. 16.5mm outer diameter is for use with the valve cover.


  • 90-99 1G & 2G DSM
  • (Eclipse GST/GSX, Talon TSi & Laser Turbo)

Bolt Style Options:

  • Custom Head: Our custom-designed flush mounting bolt with custom washers for a clean, low-profile look!
  • Allen head: Traditional style Allen head bolt and standard flat washers for a more traditional look.

Custom Head Kits:

    • Custom Head Kit Includes:
      • (8) 25mm bolts (Outside Valve Cover)
      • (8) Custom washers (For Outside bolts Only)
      • (6) 20mm bolts (Inner Valve Cover)

      Example of Custom Head Kit:


        Allen Head Kits:

        • Allen Head Kit Includes:
          • (8) 25mm bolts (Outside Valve Cover)
          • (6) 20mm bolts (Inner Valve Cover)
          • (14) Washers (For all bolts)
          Example of Allen Head Kit:
            Installation Notes:
            • 17 in/lb torque
            • Make sure to use the correct size Allen key for installation to avoid rounding out the head of the bolt.

              About our Titanium:

              • JDC titanium hardware is made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium. They provide extremely high tensile strength, are corrosion resistant, all while being ultra-lightweight. Available in multiple colors and sizes. Each piece is hand polished before receiving our famous cold anodizing for beautiful, vibrant colors that will last for years to come!
              • For a color chart and information on our titanium products please click here.

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