Kelford Cams 8-TX264 Camshaft (Evo 8)

SKU: KEL 8-TX264

$ 645.05

Mitsubishi Camshaft: EVO 8 - Hydraulic Kelford Cams range of high quality camshafts for Mitsubishi EVO 8, ground on a masterless Toyoda CNC camshaft grinder

TX264 The ULTIMATE EVO Cam for engines from 350-500HP. Great for street cars and track cars where low end throttle response and midrange torque are essential. KCG63 Adjustable Cam Gears available.

Valve Spring Kit: KVS63BTK /KVSBK
Duration @ 0.1 mm Valve Lift: 264 Inlet/260 Exhaust
Duration @ 0.1 mm Valve Lift: 216 Inlet/216 Exhaust
Valve Lift @ 1.73 Rocker Ratio: 11.00mm Inlet/10.35mm Exhaust
Centerline @ Full Lift: 107 Inlet/113 Exhaust
Valve Lift @ TDC: 1.10mm Inlet/0.70mm Exhaust

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