QL-50-LP Quik-Latch Hood Pins

$ 249.99

Each Quik-Latch Low Profile Hood Pin set comes equipped with:

  • Installation instructions
  • Two latch mechanisms
  • Two retaining rings
  • Four 1/2" x 20 stainless steel nuts
  • Four 1/2" stainless steel washers
  • Two 1/2" x 20 mounting pins
  •  Four 10x32x1” set screws 


  • 2.50 Inches Upper Latch Mechanism Diameter
  • 2.20 Inches Lock Ring Diameter
  • 1.15 Inches Latch Mechanism Height
  • 4.0 Inches Mounting Pin (Ball Pin) Length 

Why use Quik-Latch QL-50 hood pins?

A common annoyance for many muscle car, classic car & custom car owners has been that the average hood pin kits simply were not up to par with the rest of their builds. Many times, the quality of a vehicle's hood pin kit has been overlooked, and it the subpar quality of the parts only shows once the scuff plates and screws that fasten the scuff plate to the hood rust. Not only that, but the hitch pin lanyards often can scratch expensive paint jobs as well.  Owners & builders of these cars pour their heart and soul into their builds, and they deserve a hood pin kit that is up to par with the rest of craftsmanship of the car.  

Quik-Latch Hood Pin Kits are produced with owners of high level builds in mind.  For those who have put 110% of their effort into their rides.  For those who don't make any compromise between form and functionality.

The hood pin kit pictured on the left in the picture below at one point in time may have been shiny and good looking.  The cheap materials and construction of kit was corroded by the elements over time.  Would you rather have the kit on the left or the one on the right?  (By the way all Quik-Latch hood pin kits are covered by a lifetime warranty against corrosion)

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