Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator (Evo 7/8/9)

SKU: R172

$ 333

Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator (Evo 7/8/9)

If you want the lightest and best fitting carbon-fiber vortex generator look no further.  We spent countless hours tweaking the mold until we were satisfied with the fitment. Our Dry Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator weighs only 300 grams compared to other ABS plastic VG which weighs 900 grams! Each Dry Carbon Vortex Generator is CNC cut within 0.1mm accuracy for perfect fit and consistency. They come with 3M adhesives and installation instructions. Dry carbon fiber is made in a pre-preg and dry process which consists of a vacuum forming a sheet of carbon fiber into a mold at temperatures around 662 degrees Fahrenheit. This process allows the carbon fiber to form into a strong and lightweight composite.   

Available in twill weave carbon fiber with a clear coat finish. 


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