Best MK5 Supra Mods

The MK5 Supra is an exceptional sports car that has taken the automotive world by storm. With its sleek design, powerful engine, and impressive handling, it's no wonder that car enthusiasts around the globe are drawn to this iconic vehicle. As with any performance car, there's plenty of mods, aftermarket parts and upgrades to fully customize and enhance the car.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the best mods for the MK5 Supra, from engine upgrades to interior and exterior mods, to help you take your driving experience to the next level. Whether you're looking to improve your Supra's power, handling, or aesthetics, JD Customs USA has you covered with a range of high-quality products and services. Let's dive in!

Performance Mods

Turbocharger Upgrade

A turbocharger upgrade is one of the most popular modifications for increasing the horsepower and torque output of the MK5 Supra. The factory turbochargers on the MK5 Toyota Supra are already quite capable, but a turbocharger upgrade can provide even more power and performance.

There are several options available for a turbocharger upgrade, including upgrading to larger turbochargers or upgrading the factory turbochargers with improved components.

  • Upgrading to larger turbochargers can provide significant gains in power and torque output, but may require additional modifications such as upgraded fuel injectors and intercooler.
  • Upgrading the factory turbochargers with improved components such as larger compressor wheels and upgraded turbine wheels can also provide significant gains in power and torque output. These upgrades are often referred to as "hybrid turbos" and can provide improved spooling and response compared to larger turbos.

It's important to note that a turbocharger upgrade can also require additional modifications such as upgraded fuel injectors, intercooler, and exhaust system to fully realize the potential power gains. Tuning the ECU is also necessary to optimize the performance of the upgraded turbochargers.

ECU Tuning

ECU tuning modifies the engine's electronic control unit (ECU) to optimize the engine's performance, increasing horsepower and torque output. The ECU controls the engine's fuel injection, ignition timing, and other important parameters that affect the engine's performance.

There are several ways to tune the ECU, including using aftermarket ECU tuning software or utilizing a piggyback ECU controller.

  • Aftermarket ECU tuning software can be used to modify the factory ECU directly, allowing for more precise control over the engine's performance.
  • A piggyback ECU controller works in conjunction with the factory ECU and modifies the signals that the factory ECU receives, allowing for more precise control over the engine's performance.

Custom tuning can provide significant gains in horsepower and torque output, resulting in improved acceleration and overall performance. However, it's important to note that ECU tuning can also have a significant impact on the engine's reliability, and may void the manufacturer's warranty.

Exhaust Upgrades

The exhaust system is one of the most essential upgrades for the MK5 Supra, as its exhaust note leaves room for significant improvement. The B58 engine is quite powerful from the factory, but modern regulations restrict its potential. However, there are several options available for upgrading the exhaust system, including cat-back exhaust systems, upgraded exhaust manifold , downpipes, and mufflers.

A good starting point for an exhaust upgrade for the MKV Supra is an 'axle-back' exhaust system. An axle-back exhaust system replaces the rear section of the exhaust system, including the muffler and exhaust tip, leaving the factory catalytic converter and mid-pipe intact. This is a cost-effective option and can improve the sound and performance of the vehicle.

Coilover Suspension System

Lowering springs or coilovers can help improve the appearance, adjustability and handling of the Supra in several ways. By lowering the ride height:

  • Improves aerodynamics and reduces drag, which can result in better fuel economy and performance.
  • Reduces body roll and improves stability while turning. This allows the car to feel more responsive and nimble while providing a more comfortable and stable ride.
  • Lessens' gap between the wheel and the fender, which some find more visually appealing.

However, it's important to note that lowering the car too much can result in a harsher ride and potential clearance issues, so it's important to choose the right lowering option for your driving needs and to have them installed professionally.

Interior and Exterior Mods

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber mods are a popular option for those who want to enhance the look and performance of the MK5 Supra. This lightweight material can be used for a variety of upgrades, including hoods, spoilers, diffusers, mirror caps, and interior trim pieces. Explore some of JD Customs carbon fiber options:

  • APR Front Bumper Canards are the perfect answer to aerodynamically tune the handling for the front of a car. Made of lightweight and durable carbon graphite composites, APR Front Bumper Canards help increase front downforce at high speeds. The added downforce stabilizes the car's chassis during hard cornering and increases traction for faster lap times.
  • Rexpeed Dry Carbon Front Canards. Made from high-grade 2x2 carbon weave with a clear coat finish.

Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket wheels can further customize the look of your A90 Supra. Some of the most popular brands include Vossen, Forgeline, BC Forged, HRE, and Rotiform, among others. 

Steering Wheel Trims

JD Customs' steering wheel trims for the MK5 Supra are made from high-quality carbon fiber material, which adds a custom aesthetic to the steering wheel. The trims are precision cut to fit the contours of the Toyota GR Supra's steering wheel perfectly.

Titanium Hardware

Titanium hardware is a popular choice for those looking to add some flair to the MK5 Supra. Not only does it look great, but it's also lightweight and stronger than steel, making it an ideal material for high-performance applications. Check out our collection of bolts, studs, badges, and more!



With its stunning design, exceptional handling, and potent engine, there are endless options for customization and upgrades. Upgrades like a turbocharger upgrade, ECU tuning, exhaust upgrades, and suspension systems can help boost the performance and make the driving experience more thrilling. Cosmetic enhancements like carbon fiber, aftermarket wheels, and steering wheel trims can give the car a more unique and personal touch.

Remember to always prioritize safety and quality, and have your upgrades installed by a professional. With the right mods, the MK5 Supra can reach its maximum potential and become an even more impressive sports car.

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