Upgrading Your Car's Hardware with JDC Titanium Widebody & Panel Hardware

Upgrading Your Car's Hardware with JDC Titanium Widebody and Panel Hardware

When it comes to customizing your car, every detail counts. One way to enhance the look and functionality of your vehicle is by upgrading the hardware, such as swapping out aluminum rivets or basic steel hardware for JDC Titanium Widebody and Panel hardware. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use JDC Titanium hardware to swap out aluminum rivets on Varis bumper ducts for an Evo. Not only will this give your car a sleek, upgraded look, but it will also make it easier to remove the bumper ducts or panels in the future if needed.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Tape off the bumper: Before starting any work, be sure to tape off the area around the bumper ducts to protect the paint and prevent any scratches in case the drill slips.

2. Remove the old rivets: Using a drill, carefully drill out the old aluminum rivets to remove the bumper ducts from the car. 
3. Clean up the bumper ducts: After removing the bumper ducts, clean them up with some polish to ensure they look their best when reinstalled.
4. Enlarge the holes: Using a 3/8" drill bit, enlarge the existing holes in the bumper to accommodate the M5 rubber well nuts. These well nuts are ideal for this application as they can fasten tightly to a plastic surface without pulling through.
5. Install the rubber well nuts: Insert the M5 rubber well nuts into the enlarged holes in the bumper, making sure they are securely in place.
6. Reattach the bumper ducts: Position the bumper ducts back in place and align them with the rubber well nuts.
7. Install the JDC Titanium hardware: Insert the JDC Titanium M5 custom head bolts into the rubber well nuts and begin tightening each one in a cross pattern. Continue tightening until all bolts are secure.


The finished result of this upgrade is a visually appealing and functional improvement to your car's hardware. JDC Titanium Widebody and Panel hardware not only enhance the overall look of your vehicle but also make it easier to remove and refinish the bumper ducts in the future if needed. Consider upgrading any panel that is held on with hardware to JDC Titanium for a beautiful and upgraded appearance. Happy customizing!

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