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Radium Engineering Fuel Pump Hanger Evo 8/9 (20-0345-00)

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Radium Fuel Hanger EVO 8-9 Pumps Not Included. To be used with Walbro F90000267/274 E85. 

The Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger allows the use of 1 or 2 aftermarket pumps in the stock Mitsubishi Evo 8-9 fuel tank. 

This system is ONLY compatible with "Walbro 450" pumps (Ti Automotive F90000267 and F90000274). The machined assembly drops-in the factory fuel tank replacing the OEM hold-down flange. A single 8AN male pump feed port and 6AN male return port simplify aftermarket -AN hose plumbing. However adapter fittings are also included to reuse the OEM fuel lines (if needed). 

Electrical hardware is included for the fuel pump(s) and OEM level sender.
One major issues with the OEM EVO 8-9 fuel pump hanger is the restrictive return port and venturi jet pump. When using aftermarket high-flow fuel pumps, the OEM jet pump becomes too restrictive creating unwanted backpressure in the regulator return line causing excessive fuel rail pressure. The Radium fuel pump hanger includes Radium's own proprietary venturi jet pump with interchangeable orifices to minimize back pressure. 

All returning fuel from the pressure regulator and crossover hose exit the jet pump keeping the OEM gas tank baffle full for starvation protection.

Single pump applications can reuse the OEM fuel pump controller wiring, but it is recommended to upgrade the OEM wiring as these high flow fuel pumps draw additional current requiring larger gauge wire. 


-Anodized Aluminum Mounting Plate
-Anodized Aluminum Venturi Jet Pump with Multiple Orifices
-Anodized Aluminum 8AN Male Pump Outlet Fitting
-Anodized Aluminum 6AN Male FPR Inlet Fitting
-Anodized Aluminum Dual Pump and Fuel Sender Bracket
-Anodized Aluminum Pump Outlet Fittings
-Electrical Hardware for Fuel Pumps and OEM Sender
-Fluorosilicone Duckbill Return Valve
-Submersible Rubber Fuel Hose 
-Stainless Steel Hardware and Clamps

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