We're back from SEMA 2021 and are doing our best to get all orders processed and shipped as soon as possible.

All titanium orders that were placed on or after 10/26/21, will be on a longer than normal wait time due to the attending of SEMA. The website will continue to be fully functional and allow orders to be placed as normal. All orders received during this week will be processed once we return in the order they’re received. We will not be answering emails, phone calls, or website messages during this week. Please make a note of this on your calendar so you aren’t caught off guard. 
We are going to be doing our best between now and when we get back to process orders as quickly as possible but please understand we are a small team and we can only move so fast. We will be returning to a full week of unprocessed orders and unread emails and will process everything in the order in which it was received.  
This will be the first time since 2016 that we’ll be closed, but attending SEMA is crucial for us to continue to develop new partnerships and products to stay on top of the market. We appreciate your understanding during this exciting time and we guarantee a week of closure will bring years of value for us and our customers! If you have any questions before the 1st, please let us know.