Radium Engineering Fuel Delivery System (Evo 8/9)

$ 1,424.55

Radium Engineering Fuel Delivery System

This comprehensive kit includes everything required to construct a high-performance fuel delivery system for the 2003-2007 Mitsubishi EVO 8-9. The Radium fuel pump hanger, plumbing kit, fuel rail, pulse damper, gauge, and pressure regulator completely replace the restrictive OEM fuel system with a setup capable of supporting well over 1,000hp. Fuel injectors are NOT included. It is highly recommended to install this kit as one complete system. Mixing and matching the components of this kit with OEM components will result in a system that is not fully optimized for high performance.


PLEASE NOTE: FUEL INJECTORS, FUEL PUMP(S), AND ELECTRICAL (WIRING, RELAY(S), FUSES(S), ETC.) are not included. These additional parts can be found here.

Click here to download fuel hanger and plumbing kit installation instructions (PDF)
Click here to download fuel rail installation instructions (PDF)


Options Select your options from the drop-down menu
Pump Hanger
Plumbing Kit
The following parts are included with each kit:
  • 20-1623-00 DMR-RA, Direct Mount Regulator, 8AN ORB, Black $170.95
Fuel Rail
  • 20-0119-12 Fuel Rail, EVO 8-9 $142.45
Fuel Rail Fitting
  • 14-0152 8AN ORB to 8AN Male $9.45
Pulse Damper
  • 20-0776 FPD-R, 8AN ORB $85.45
Pressure Gauge
  • 20-0029 Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-100psi $47.45
Gauge Fitting
  • 14-0148-08 Inline 8AN to 1/8NPT Female $18.95

At the heart of the system is the Radium EVO 8-9 fuel pump hanger (shown below). More details on this product can be found HERE. The fuel pump configuration can be selected using the drop-down menu above.

From the fuel pump hanger, the feed line kit includes a new -8AN PTFE feed line which is plumbed to a Radium in-line fuel filter. The filter is mounted to the chassis under the car using a specially designed bracket that does not require any cutting or drilling for installation. A selection of fuel filter elements are available. A second 8AN hose routes from the filter outlet up to the fuel rail.

*The factory feed line is used as the new return line*

The -8AN feed line travels from the filter up to the Radium EVO 8-9 fuel rail, as shown below. All necessary adapter fittings and pressure gauges are included. 

Mounted on the fuel rail is the Radium Direct Mount Regulator (DMR) and a Radium FPD-R fuel pulse damper. The fuel pressure regulator return uses a short -6AN prefabricated PTFE hose and adapter fittings to connect to the factory fuel feed line, using it as the return line.

The Radium Fuel Delivery System is E85 safe.


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