Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valve (MK5 Supra)

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SKU: TEVI-1058

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Supertech Inconel exhaust valves for the 2020 Supra. Inconel solid, standard size, single groove.

*Valves are sold individually. Price is for one valve.*


  • 2020 Toyota Supra
  • B58B30 Engine
  • (GR A90 MKV MK5)

What's In The Box?

  • (1) Valve


  • Exhaust Valve
  • Inconel Solid
  • Single Groove
  • Standard Size

Inconel 751 Nickel Base Alloys:

  • This Nickel base alloy material is used for exhaust valves in engines that reach very high temperatures and its use is growing with the application of turbos and superchargers.

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